27 septiembre 2008

Mark McGuire (from Emeralds)

Genre: Minimalist guitar

Mark McGuire - Let Us Be The Way We Were CDr

01. Let Us Be The Way We Were

" Solo guitar and tapes from Mark McGuire of Emeralds in a heavy minimalist proto-Europe Endless/Kraftwerk style, with delayed arpeggio guitar chopped into melancholy metronomic waves that provide a beautiful backwards transport. This is a very affecting release and the way Mark combines odd found tapes of confused conversations and melancholy reminiscence is extremely poignant. Some of the guitar playing reflects on such classy F/X inflected moments as Cul De Sac’s “Doldrums” but there’s also a weird, UK folk aspect that would join the dots between Flying Saucer Attack and Nick Drake. Either way, this is a powerful, evocative release and one of the best solo shots from the Emeralds camp to date. Edition of only 50 copies in plastic cases with full-colour art and already sold out at source. Highly recommended. "
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Mark McGuire - Guitar Meditations
Cassette 92 minutes
Wagon records

A1. Intervals (First Variation)
A2. Staying Home From School
A3. Hemisphere
A4. Curling
A5. Interlude
B1. Night Owls
B2. Rest
B3. Linkletter
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