06 febrero 2010

James Ferraro / Summer Headrush 2009 Series

Label: Summer Headrush 2009 Series (New Age Tapes)
Genre: Ambient, Abstract, Leftfield
" Rerex 1 and 2 sound like Ferraro’s most conventionally beautiful records, Discovery, Clear, and Marble Surf. This side of Ferraro is closest to the new age ambient music of Tangerine Dream or Eno, full of fluttering keyboard arpeggios and whale sound synths. With track titles like “Shemale”, “Angel Alien” and “Species Within, Body Fusion 1 and 2 are darker, sounding a lot like wholly electronic versions of Popul Vuh’s soundtracks for Herzog’s “Aguirre, Wrath of God” and “Heart of Glass” all minor key drones and eerie bell sounds. Wild World, probably my favorite of the series, is very similar to earlier Ferraro projects like Lamborghini Crystal’s Roach Motel, sounding like an unholy version of the music to a 1980s action movie, with seriously creepy audio samples of the members of the Heaven’s Gate cult talking about their group suicide. iAsia sounds similar to Wild World, though the vocoder vocals on “Casino Neptune” are something I don’t think I’ve ever heard from Ferraro before. Hacker Track sounds like a dub version of The Skaters, Ferraro’s long running collabo with Spencer Clark, adding a ton of reverb and phaser and water-in-a-bucket sounds to that group’s clattering drones. " thedecibeltolls

01: Rerex 1 part 1 - part 2
02: Rerex 2 part 1 - part 2
03: Body Fusion 1 part 1 - part 2
04: Body Fusion 2 part 1 - part 2
05: iAsia part 1 - part 2

I'm looking for:
06: Too Hot For T.V.
08: Son Of Dracula
10: Untitled CDr
11: Untitled CDr
12: Pixarni

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